Summer: The Season of Motorcyclin’!

It’s summer…well, it’s trying as hard as possible to be summer….but summer means motorcyclin’!

It’s a good time to remind all of us motorists that we need to be mindful of the motorcyclists on the road. Do an extra check of your side mirrors before merging…take an extra moment or too when making a turn…do your part in helping keep the road safer for everyone!

motorcyclesLicensed motorcyclists have every right to the road in Iowa and other motor vehicle drivers are required to follow the traffic laws.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash anywhere in Iowa, call us here at Loney and Schueller…515-225-4485. We will aggressively fight to help you recover the full and fair monetary damages you are entitled to for your financial damages. Call us, or visit us at to set up a free consultation!

What happens if you’re injured while riding through Iowa…and not an Iowa resident? It actually makes a great deal of sense to hire a local attorney, as we understand the Iowa insurance laws.

No matter where the motorcycle accident happened in Iowa, we are ready to fight for you!

Here’s a good link for all of us to read.


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